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f/Egor: I Heart Rangefinders

Ann Wilson of Heart - Leica M9 w/90mm Elmarit

A pessimist would suggest that I’m a painfully slow learner. An optimist would opine that I’m refreshingly open-minded. Both would draw their conclusion from the same exact occurrence — my conversion to rangefinder photography after 20 years of shooting SLRs. It’s now been over two years since this fateful switch and I’ve documented the process, [...]

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f/Egor: Masochism? Anachronism!

Bouffant, 2011 - Leica M2 & Tri-X

Last week I was strolling home along Granville Street, my guard down and my mind wandering, when something tickled my photographic subconsciousness. Experience has taught me to trust the tickle. Things happen fast on the streets. “Shoot first, comprehend later.” That’s my motto. I fired off a shot just as the tickle began to coagulate [...]

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f/Egor: The Pious Lens (Part 2)


As recounted in Part 1, I recently purchased a 1967 Leica 135 f/4 Tele-Elmar lens and committed to discussing its merits for The Leica Blog. There’s only one problem — I wield a 135 with about as much skill and finesse as a monkey with a scalpel. Before I dive into the meat of this [...]

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f/Egor: The Pious Lens (Part 1)


This is an article about failure — a post to which my fellow photographers can all point and exclaim, “See! That’s what happens to morons.” Like most stories with a moral, this one begins “once upon a time” (four long months ago) when I finally decided to part ways with my Canon cameras, lenses and [...]

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f/Egor: Saving Souls

Ob(li)vious Taken with Leica M9 © Gregory Simpson

Do you remember where you were in the autumn of 2008 when, drunk with greed, all the bankers in the world stripped naked, strapped on barrels lined with our life savings and plummeted over Niagara Falls? I do. I had just completed a successful stint as the official photographer for BC Parks and was negotiating [...]

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f/Egor: The Accidental Blogger

An Awkward Merging of the Arts Taken with Leica M9 © grEGORy Simpson

Assume you’re a photographer (which, since you’re reading this article, is likely a safe assumption). Assume you maintain some sort of photo blog (which, if you’re struggling to compete in today’s net-centric world, had better be a safe assumption). Assume further that you have a, umm, slightly unnatural love for Leica M-System rangefinders (a single, [...]

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