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Michael Tsegaye, Future Memories, Part Two

Working Girls

As an art school student studying painting, Michael Tsegaye thought “photography was too easy and a bit boring compared to painting — all you had to do with it was click on a button!” It wasn’t until a few years later when he became allergic to the oil paints that he began to explore photography [...]

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Michael Tsegaye: Future Memories, Part One

© Michael Tsegaye

Michael Tsegaye is an Ethiopian photographer, born in 1975. His work has been exhibited in Africa (Bamako, Addis-Abeba), Europe (Paris, Brussels, Berlin, Amsterdam) and the Americas (New York, Miami, Memphis, Mexico City). Michael Tsegaye lives and works in Addis-Abeba, the capital city of Ethiopia. This is how Michael explains what he chooses to portray, “As [...]

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Gul Chotrani: In Search Of The Universal Human Experience, Part Two

© Gul Chotrani

Gul Chotrani first started photographing as a hobby when he was at university in England in the early 1980s, doing landscapes, but he couldn’t afford the ongoing costs and had to stop. About twenty years later his photographic instincts were revived after travelling in New Zealand in 2002. Gul, who has an established career as [...]

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Gul Chotrani: In Search Of The Universal Human Experience, Part One

Mursi Tribesmen © Gul Chotrani

Born in the late 1950s and raised mostly in Singapore, Gul Chotrani studied business and economics during the 1980s, worked as an analyst/economist and later in investment banking in the UK. Afterwards, he spent several years in academia, teaching economics and finance in Singapore and South East Asia, served as a consultant/advisor in trade, finance [...]

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William Palank: Ethiopian Portraits

Abore Three- Omo Valley Region, Ethiopia; Taken with a Leica M9 by William Palank

The son of a fighter pilot born on a U.S. Air Force Base in France, William J. Palank became a successful general dentist and endodontist (root canal specialist) before deciding to give up the 9-to-5 dental grind to pursue his passion for photography. He is now a freelance photojournalist and fine art printer based in San [...]

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