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David G. SPIELMAN: When Not Performing

Uncle Lionel Batiste © David G. SPIELMAN

David G. SPIELMAN recently released the book When Not Performing that tells the stories behind the music of seventy-one musicians.  The kind of stories that reveal more than what meets the eye or what we hear when they perform. The musicians chose where they wanted to be photographed adding another dimension to their story. Working singularly with [...]

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David G. SPIELMAN: Isaac vs. Katrina: A Photographer’s Experiences

Katrina You Bitch © David G. Spielman

Las Vegas odds-makers probably never considered the chances of New Orleans being visited by another hurricane seven years later on the very same day! What would those odds be? Who knew Mother Nature was going to be so cruel. As the Tropical Storm Isaac moved slowly through the Gulf of Mexico, two thoughts kept going [...]

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Traveling Light and Moving Fast

Chicago © David G. Spielman

David Spielman: Guest blogger. Assignment: 6 – Train Travel. Location: Chicago. Equipment: D-Lux 5. Our 9-year-old son is a train fan to the tenth power, and we were ready for an adventure. Infatuated with anything related to trains or anything that runs on rails; it doesn’t matter if they are big, small, plastic, wooden, real [...]

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My New Orleans: Mardi Gras 2011

Mardi Gras 2011

David Spielman: Guest blogger. Assignment: 5 – Mardi Gras. Location: New Orleans. Equipment: D-Lux 5. Mardi Gras, is almost impossible to fully describe in words and pictures. The event coincides with the debutant season that officially begins on Twelfth Night/the Epiphany/January 6 and runs until Fat Tuesday, the day before Ash Wednesday, which is, of course, [...]

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New Orleans: A City of Contrasts and Contradictions


David Spielman: Guest blogger. Assignment: 4–New Year Challenge. Location: New Orleans. Equipment: D-Lux 5 Here we are moving at break-neck speed into 2011, my head still spins on how fast we motored through 2010. So how do we slow down Father Time?  Sorry to report we can’t. So how do we get more and better [...]

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The Monks who make Caskets

Monks Who Make Caskets © David Spielman

David G. Spielman: Guest blogger. Assignment: 3 – Abbey of Saint Joseph. Location: Covington, LA. Equipment: M9. Tucked away in the piney woods across Lake Pontchatrain from New Orleans, just North of Covington, Louisiana is the Abbey of Saint Joseph. St. Joseph Abbey and Seminary College of the Benedictine Order has been in existence since [...]

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My New Orleans- Café Du Monde

Cafe Du Monde by David G. SPIELMAN

David G. Spielman: Guest blogger. Assignment: 2 – Café Du Monde. Location: New Orleans. Equipment: D-Lux 4. Long, long before Starbucks, computers, the Internet, and chat rooms, Café Du Monde was in full swing. A year after the start of the Civil War the original Café Du Monde Coffee Stand was established in the New [...]

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