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Darren Centofanti: Capturing Performance Bikes with the Leica S-System

©  Darren Centofanti

Darren Centofanti, a native of Adelaide, Australia, is a sought after fashion, advertising and glamour photographer. With over 25 years of professional photography experience, he travels the world on commercial assignments and is currently based in India. His advertising clients include Puma, Adidas, Nokia, Levi’s, Wrangler, Lakme Cosmetics, Smirnoff, UB Group and Reliance. He is also [...]

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Darren Centofanti: Australian Fashion Photographer Finds Fabulous Opportunities in Mumbai, Part 2

Puma Fastface 2 - Centophoto

Raised in Adelaide, Australia where he exhibited a passion for photography at an early age, Darren Centofanti had the good fortune to hook up with a top advertising and fashion studio where he learned his art and craft from the ground up, starting in his teens. By 1995 he had became a full-time freelancer working [...]

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Darren Centofanti: Keeping an Astute Eye Focused on the Fashion Scene, Part 1

Caroline Womens - Centophoto

He earned his stripes as a studio apprentice and now he’s a top fashion pro based in Bollywood, aka Mumbai India. Even while taking photography classes at Blackwood High School in Adelaide, Australia, Darren Centofanti had a pretty good idea that photography would be his profession. 
In 1989 at the tender age of 15 he [...]

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