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Ruslan Pelykh: In Love With The Big Apple


Ruslan Pelykh was born in a small Ukrainian town into a family of photographers. Throughout his childhood he was passionate about art and spent his days creating surrealistic drawings. While receiving a technical education, he freelanced as an artist and sold popcorn in a movie theater, just so he could watch movies for free. After [...]

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Roland Wolff: Leica Store and Gallery Los Angeles

Leica Store and Gallery Los Angeles

We sat down with Roland Wolff, Vice President of Marketing and Corporate Retail for Leica Camera, Inc., to discuss the grand opening of the Leica Store and Gallery Los Angeles. Roland is responsible for all Leica branded retail outlets in the Americas, including Leica boutiques and stores. Below, Roland gives us the inside scoop on what [...]

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Sami Fayed: A Vision for Preserving the Natural Environment

© Sami Fayed

Sami Fayed has an abiding passion for preserving the natural world and he uses the skills he acquired in the demanding arena of commercial photography to articulate his vision. Fayed conducts workshops worldwide to bring his urgent message and considerable skills to the next generation of environmentalist nature photographers. “I now focus on my own [...]

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Yayoi: Picture = “After”

© Yayoi Okada

We are born on Earth… We press the shutter… We look at the pictures… Photo remains after we have died and The same applies to these photos. After the water has fallen, After the car and man has passed, After the icicle fell.   私は ひとり遊びが好き. 写真は 私にとっての ひとり遊び. 前 瞬間 後… それらは私に 無限の想像力を与えてくれる。 そして 私の喜びは あなたと共有する事で頂点に達する. I like to play lonely games, [...]

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Leica. My Life – André Georgi On His D-Lux 6

© André Georgi

The latest video in the “Leica. My Life” features André Georgi, a 35 year old from Munich, Germany. Andre works for Audi as a member of the product design team. Photography has been a part of his life for a long time and intertwines with his work as a designer. Light and the speed of the [...]

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