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Sara Jane Boyers: Photography from the Driver’s Seat

© Sara Jane Boyers

Sara Jane Boyers is a California fine art photographer who, after successful careers in the music and publishing industries, has returned to a serious focus on her photography since 2000 when she focused on capturing the Chinatowns of the United States and Canada. She is also a writer and editor with several books and poetry published like [...]

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Barnie: Life with my D-Lux 5, Part 2

© Barnie

I live in my pictures and my pictures live in me. It’s my life. I would describe my photography as real images that never lie. As I travel through the streets of Budapest, I don’t hope to find anything specific. I go with the flow. There’s no reaction or interpretations I hope that others find. [...]

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Barnie: Life with my D-Lux 5

© Barnie Toth

I just love to take photos. I can’t stop. Since 2011, I’ve carried my D-Lux 5 with me everywhere to capture moments. It’s like an everyday diary. These pictures were taken around Budapest, Hungary. I photograph real things, characters, the people who surround me: friends, family, strangers, famous, unknown — whatever I see and inspires me. [...]

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Damien Basile: Place2be New York City

One Jackson Square by Damien Basile

Damien Basile, an Art Director turned Digital and Social Strategist, is the Media & Marketing Director of Perks Consulting.  In November 2009 he founded a monthly digital influencer panel and mixer event series called Digital Somethings and in February 2010 he founded Addieu, a mobile app that helps you exchange contact info & connect on [...]

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Leica is Getting Ready for Birdfair 2011

Leica Birdfair

Along with bird and nature lovers from all over the world, the Leica team in the UK is getting ready for the annual Birdfair in Rutland Water that will take place from 19 to 21 August. If you are planning to attend the Birdfair, make sure to say hello to the Leica team. They will [...]

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Lena Nußbaum: Place2be Berlin

King Size , Friedrichstr 112b

This post by Lena Nußbaum is the second in our “#place2be” series. You can read the first entry here. Lena is the Head of Online Publishing for Enamora and 7trends, overseeing all the online content as well as producing fashion shoots for the online shop and their print magazine. As part of her participation in the [...]

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Wataru Maruyama’s Berlinspiration Billboard

Taken by Wataru Maruyama with the D-Lux 5.

Though Wataru Maruyama’s journey and exploration of photography is fairly new, his life’s journey has brought him from Japan, his birthplace, to California, his home. Having won the grand prize in the Leica Berlinspiration contest, he now has the opportunity to bring a glimpse of his California to Berlin. A billboard featuring Wataru’s photograph of [...]

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