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Alastair Baglee: Cyclist, Photographer, Blogger

© Alastair Baglee

Alastair Baglee had a bumpy start to his life with professional photography. In the early 1990s, he was hired by a regional news service in the north of England as a press photographer. On his first day at work, he was asked to rush down to the local county court where a suspected murderer had [...]

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Stefan Rohner: Freewheeling Spirit with a Leica

© Stefan Rohner

The main goal of photographer and cyclist Stefan Rohner is to capture dynamic images of people, in action images and portraits, as well as luminous landscapes — often from the saddle of a moving bicycle! Though he is an avid user of his Leica MP, Stefan uses a non-Leica compact camera for his shooting while cycling. He was born in [...]

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