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Henry Zwartz: Honing his Photographic Intuition

© Henry Zwartz

Henry Zwartz, age 21, was born and raised in Sydney, Australia to a family of jazz musicians. He developed a passion for documentary and art photography after his dad lent him a Leica film camera four years ago. While at university, when not studying, he would go out and take photos. Now, having just graduated [...]

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Marc Erwin Babej: Capturing The Soul of Burma

Mud Diggers © Marc Erwin Babej Photography

Marc Erwin Babej has an abiding passion for Leicas and “introspective” photography, abhors what he dismisses as “Effekthascherei,” a marvelous word in his native German that can be loosely translated as “superficial effects at the expense of authenticity.” True to this view, the images he captured on his most recent shoot in Burma (also called [...]

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