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Aaron C. Greenman: The God of Small Things

© Aaron C. Greenman

Arundhati Roy’s novel “The God of Small Things” blew my mind. Like Salman Rushdie’s “Midnight’s Children”, it had themes both monumental and intimate. It left more questions in my head than it answered. Its portrayal of South India, and Kerala in particular, was at times sublime, at times brutal, and unfailingly – whether talking about the smells, the sounds or the tastes [...]

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Charles Okereke: Creating Awareness With Art


Charles Okereke is a photographer and artist born in Nigeria in 1966. His work has been exhibited at different venues and festivals in Nigeria, Mali, Senegal, Spain and Switzerland. A recent display of his in Manchester, UK called The Canal People raises questions about environmental issues in Nigeria and more broadly in our global world. [...]

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“Downtown Memories” by Ali Chraïbi: Streaks Of Light, Reminiscent Memories

© Ali Chraïbi

Photographer Ali Chraïbi was born in Marrakesh, Morocco, in 1965. In the following interview, he offers a fine analysis of “Downtown Memories”, the work presented here, in which his motivations, intuitions and desires meet the overarching preoccupation behind his photography: the attempt to bring out beauty there where it is least expected. Q; Ali, when [...]

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Satoki Nagata: Documenting The World to Discover Yourself

© Satoki Nagata

A Japanese photographer who has lived in downtown Chicago since 1992, Satoki Nagata is a passionately dispassionate photojournalist, a complex identity influenced by his background in both science and the Zen Buddhist tradition. Says Nagata in what amounts to an eloquent manifesto: “My goal as an artist is finding and showing the various connections forming [...]

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