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Cheryl Dunn: New York Soul

© Cheryl Dunn

Cheryl Dunn was born in Old Tappan, NJ, and currently resides in New York City. She received her BA in Art History from Rutgers University. Cheryl has had numerous group and solo exhibitions around the world, and has had several books published, including “She Swallowed It,” “Sometimes the Answer,” and “Some Kinda Vacation.” Below she [...]

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Miguel Ruiz Jimenez: Looking for More Than Memories

© Miguel Ruiz Jimenez

Miguel Ruiz Jimenez was born in Granada in 1980. He focuses exclusively on analog photography and processes all of his own work in the darkroom. Below, Alex Coghe interviews him about his process. Q: Miguel, how did you begin your story with photography? A: Everything was by chance. One morning in 2007, my brother was browsing [...]

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One Shot with Angelo Cirrincione

Angelo Cirrincione

One Shot is a new feature where Alex Coghe interviews photographers on one image to gain their insights on it and their photography. Today Angelo Cirrincione shares an image he took with the Leica Monochrom near his home in a seaside town in Sicily. Q: Why did you choose this picture to be presented to the [...]

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Enrico Markus Essl: A Wider View

© Enrico Markus Essl

Enrico Markus Essl was born in Linz, Austria in 1970. Growing up in Salzberg, he discovered a passion for photography that would metamorphose many times throughout his youth and ultimately land him in the world of street photography. He is currently based back in Linz and enjoys exploring the urban jungle to discover crucial moments [...]

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One Shot with Nicole Struppert

© Nicole Struppert

In this “One Shot” feature, Alex Coghe speaks with Nicole Struppert, a freelance photographer, artist and photo journalist for the dpa Picture-Alliance. Q: Why did you choose this picture to share for this interview? A: Well, good question! I have to admit, it wasn’t an easy choice. I guess I chose this picture because I [...]

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One Shot with Simon Tay

© Simon Tay

One Shot is a new feature where Alex Coghe interviews photographers on one image to gain their insights on it and their photography. Here, Simon Tay shares the story behind an image taken in Singapore with his Leica M6. Q: Why did you choose this picture to share for this interview? A: I like the [...]

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John Thawley: Birthplace to the Blues

© John Thawley

Photographer John Thawley is best known for his automobile racing and sports photography and is the official photographer for the Trans Am Series. In addition to being a full-time photographer, John Thawley owns Creative Communications Group, a company specializing in graphic design for print and electronic online applications. Thawley’s racing images have been featured in print [...]

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Daniel Maissan: Photographing with a Focus on Social Causes

© Daniel Maissan

Q: Let me say, I love your blog. Do you think nowadays a blog is useful for a professional photographer? Also, is your blog a part of the activity to present your vision and your work as a photographer? A: I think a blog is useful for any type of job. It’s a way to [...]

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Nicholas Dominic Talvola: Expressing Vision with Music and Photography

1© Nicholas Dominic Talvola

Nicholas Dominic Talvola was born in 1982 in Arcata, a small town off the Northern Coast of California. In 2002, he traveled to Europe with a backpack, camera, soccer ball and a trumpet. He ended up in Spain where he has lived for the past 12 years. For six years, he has made a living [...]

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Bruno Gracia: A Story in a Single Moment

© Bruno Garcia

Bruno Gracia, born in Spain, is a self-taught photographer who has been photographing for the past four years. He now lives in London where he tries to express the feelings he sees on the street. Here Alex Coghe talks with Bruno about how he discovered Leica, his life as a Spaniard in London and more. [...]

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Bryan Mollett: Waiting to Capture Moments of Significance

© Bryan Mollett

Bryan Mollett is a 27-year-old freelance photographer from Vancouver, British Columbia where he specializes in street photography and photojournalism. He started his career in photography in 2007 and has had several exhibitions in British Columbia. He recently sat down with Alex Coghe to discuss his photography. Q: Bryan, tell us a little bit about yourself. [...]

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Alex Coghe: The Nasty Project

© Alex Coghe

Photography for me is a reaction to what I have before my eyes. When I look at my work I see memory fragments, parts of my dreams and nightmares and even traces of my mood when I made the picture, but also statements of my visual path. I am a commercial photographer. This implies a [...]

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Gary Gumanow: The Streets as Theater

© Gary Gumanow

Gary Gumanow first picked up a camera at the age of eight and has been shooting ever since. A native New Yorker from Brooklyn, Gary now resides in Houston, Texas. He shoots mainly with film and prints all of his own work in his darkroom. Gary spoke with Alex Coghe about his relationship with film [...]

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Alex Coghe: Every Moment Tells a Story

© Alex Coghe

Alex Coghe is an Italian photographer and photojournalist from Rome who has been living in Mexico City for the past three years. Mexico City has become quite important to Alex in his time there. “Mexico City gave me everything: a beautiful wife, my job, my pets, and also a completely different perspective of the world,” [...]

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Morten Albek: Back to the Basics of Photography


Morten Albek works as a cameraman on TV2/Fyn in Denmark in addition to his work as a photojournalist. Albek, a Danish citizen, was born in 1963 and is a member of the Danish Photographers’ Union and Union of Danish Journalists. His work has appeared in various international publications. Q: Hi Morten, can tell us how [...]

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