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Casablanca: Marco Barbon’s Images of Silence

Casablanca. Le Habbous. 2010

Looking at the body of work that photographer Marco Barbon is compiling with the intricacy of an expert craftsman, we can distinguish several defining characteristics that the artist repeatedly questions. Those characteristics, in return, structure his work and create connections between the different series that comprise it. Amongst these are the question of the “ambiguous” [...]

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Abdoulaye Barry: “Through photography, I Want to Take On My Share of Responsibility”

© Abdoulaye Barry

Abdoulaye Barry is a Chadian photographer, who was born in N’Djamena in 1980. Following the presentation of a monographic exhibition of his work at the recent Rencontres de Bamako photo festival, we spoke with him about his PĂȘcheurs de nuit (Night Fishermen) series taken on Lake Chad in 2010, about his professional path and about [...]

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