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Adam Marelli: Exploring the Craftmanship behind Venetian Boatyards

© Adam Marelli

New York City-based artist and photographer Adam Marelli explores the ancient crafts of building, maestros in their workshops, and designs handed down through generations. Whether he is photographing a master carpenter, dodging fish at a local market, or at the drafting table, he is in constant search of the threads which bind our cultures together. [...]

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Now Boarding with Adam Marelli: Words Come To Life

Venice © Adam Marelli

As the captain turns off the seat belt sign, everyone grabs at the overhead luggage.  We pretend to be civil as we rush off of the plane. For some, this is a flight home, for others the adventure is just beginning. In preparation for a trip, there are two things I obsess over: lenses and [...]

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Adam Marelli: Varanasi, Terracotta Tea

Hot Tea and Turban © Adam Marelli

Two weeks ago, with a snow storm looming over New York City, I slipped out of Newark International Airport on a flight to Delhi.  This was my third trip to India, but my first trip to the North.  In December there was a bombing in Varanasi, along the Ganges, so I heard there was increased [...]

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