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Alex Dani: Bilbao Carnival

Bilbao Carnival © Alex Dani

The 5th of March 2011 is the day of the biggest fiestas in Bilbao, a city in the northern part of Spain. Bilbao is one of the cultural and industrial centers of the Basque region. People here are very friendly and joyful; they know how to party and drink Kalimotxo (the mixture of Coca-Cola and [...]

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Damaso Reyes: Cuba

Master Cuban composer and pianist Chuco Valdez annotates a composition Arturo O'Farrill created just for this trip.

Damaso Reyes recently took his M8 to Cuba for the first time, documenting the musical journey of Grammy award-winning Cuban-American Jazz composer and pianist Arturo O’Farrill as he journeyed back to the island of his father’s birth. For Americans the very word conjures up a wide range of mixed emotions. As a photojournalist I had [...]

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