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David Burrows: Capturing Beauty to Share With the World

© David Burrows

David Burrows, a talented and thoughtful portrait and figure study photographer, doesn’t consider himself an artist; but he can’t help being captivated by the female form and creates memorable images that showcase its beauty and sensuality. Here in his own words is the heartfelt story of how he came to create the Ingrid portfolio showcased [...]

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Dan Boulton: Southbank

©Dan Boulton

Dan Boulton was born in 1973 in Enfield, North London. His work, which crosses the lines between documentary, street photography and fine art has been featured in Document Skateboard and Plus1 magazines and the book “Emulsion Stew”. A collection of his work is soon to be published as a limited edition book by Chicago-based Parking [...]

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Nii Obodai: Ghana, Who Knows Tomorrow?

Taken by Nii Obodai

Revealing the soul of Ghana and its people with the compassionate and heartfelt eye of a native son, his remarkable book “Who Knows Tomorrow?” was just published by Les Édition de l’OEil with support from the French Embassy in Ghana. The book, the result of collaboration between Nii Obodai and Bruno Boudjelal, is dedicated to Obodai’s father, [...]

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Claire Atkinson at 22: A Young Brit Reveals Us To Ourselves With Her Leica M6, Part 1

Taken by Claire Atkinson

Claire Atkinson captures the human condition in her hometown of Manchester, UK. As a young photographer she as surprisingly distinct preference for film over digital capture, using a Leica M6 with 50 mm f/2 Summicron lens as her camera of choice. Perhaps it’s a little too soon to label her as a rising star, but her talent [...]

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Luc Braquet: On high alert for the perfect shot!

Girl 3 by Luc Braquet

An art director with a passion for photography, this 25-year-old Frenchman with a “thirst for images” grew up in a richly visual environment that nurtured his innate talent. Once he discovered the Leica M6, his quest for great subjects and perfect picture opportunities has become insatiable, and he hopes to become a full-time pro someday. [...]

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