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Antonella Monzoni: An Intimate Portrait of Madame

Madame © Antonella Monzoni

Antonella Monzoni began to take pictures in 2000 at the age of 40. She has spent the past decade teaching herself photography by studying the books of photographers and teachers. Antonella has been concentrating on reportage photography and photojournalism or, as she describes them, meeting pictures. Her openness, fearlessness and sense of urgency to connect [...]

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Misha Erwitt: Street Smart

Wigstock New York 1989; © MISHA ERWITT

Misha Erwitt: son of a legendary Leica photographer, a former Magnum photographer and newspaper photojournalist, his work is now being showcased at the Leica Gallery in New York A native New Yorker, Misha Erwitt grew up around photography and some of the best photographers in the world and was incurably bitten by the photography bug. [...]

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The Leica Lens Legacy — A True Systematic Approach

Taken by Carl Merkin

Leica cameras are legendary in the world of photography for many reasons. So many of the great photographers whose work we love have used Leica. The work of Henri Cartier-Bresson, Alfred Eisenstadt, Margaret Bourke-White, Lisette Model, Robert Capa, Walker Evans, Ilsa Bing, Yousef Karsh and others too numerous to mention, have truly made Leica the [...]

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Matthew Craig: In Pursuit of “Casual Magic” with a Leica M6

Matthew Craig/MJR

Matthew Craig, a brilliant professional photographer and photo editor, lives in the core of the Big Apple — New York, NY. A founding member of MJR and Page One Photo Editor for The Wall Street Journal, he grew up in Pasadena, California, a suburb of Los Angeles, where his family runs a third generation small [...]

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An Interview with Michael Kamber of the New York Times

Iraq series by Michael Kamber

A seasoned photojournalist acclaimed for his brilliant and sensitive coverage of conflict zones around the world tells the amazing story of his evolving career and his Leica connection Q: You are a contract photographer for the New York Times—that’s quite an achievement in the world of photojournalism. You very modestly described how you ended up [...]

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