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David English: Wide Lux Monochrom

Store Mannequins #1 (Leica M Monochrom, 24 mm Summilux) © David English

If you have an M Monochrom camera, should you use a Summilux lens? The Monochrom performs quite well at high ISO settings, so why spend the extra money when you could buy a Summicron or Super-Elmar at the same focal length? The answer is versatility. Once the sun sets, or you go inside, you can [...]

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David English: The Versatile 24 Lux

Bellagio Atrium (Leica M9, 24mm Summilux)

If you could have only one lens, what would it be? For me, that lens would be the Leica Summilux-M 24mm. It’s a wide-angle lens that isn’t too wide for most purposes. It’s extremely sharp across the frame with no red or cyan corner issues. When opened up to f/1.4, you can use it for [...]

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Ashwin Rao: One Leica M9 is not enough!

Space Needle Sunset by Ashwin Rao

A doctor with a passion for great photojournalism takes his photography seriously enough to make it a lifelong quest. Based in Seattle, Washington, Ashwin Rao is a physician who specializes in sports medicine, caring for athletes and active people with injuries at the University of Washington, and working closely with the Seattle Seahawks football team. [...]

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