Alexander von Wiedenbeck: Après le Grand Déluge

© Alexander van Wiedenbeck

A compassionate photographer documents the grim but hopeful aftermath of the Great European Floods of 2013. Q: We last interviewed you in March 2014 for your work “OBSESSION FOR FREEDOM.” What have you been up to photographically and professionally since then? A: Oh, a lot has happened in the meantime: some productions in fashion and [...]

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Boubacar Touré Mandémory: Militant Photographer and Urban Senegalese Colorist

© Boubacar Toure Mandemory

Born in 1956, Boubacar Touré Mandémory is a Senegalese photographer whose work has crossed borders and been exhibited internationally. Highly instrumental in garnering recognition for both photography in his country and the status of Senegal’s photographers, he and other colleagues established the country’s first private photo agency in 1989 and the Dakar Photo Month in [...]

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Ramon Zuliani: Documenting the Wild, Gritty and Dynamic World of Skateboarding

© Ramon Zuliani

An emerging photographer who lives near Venice, Italy, Ramon Zuliani has an abiding passion for two things: photography and skateboarding. Both are clearly evident in this masterfully executed portfolio of compelling black-and-white images he shot on film with his Leica M6. Here he shares the story behind his latest work, “Depth and Speed,” taken with [...]

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Daniel Flaschar: Capturing More Than Meets the Eye

© Daniel Flaschar

Daniel Flaschar is a German photographer based in Berlin who discovered photography through his parents’ Pentax Spotmatic in his youth. He studied both medicine and visual communications before deciding on a full-time career in photography and now works mostly in advertising as well as portrait and personal reportage. Previously, we spoke to Daniel about his photo shoot at the [...]

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Léonard Pongo: Nothing But Ordinary Congo

The Uncanny © Léonard Pongo

Born in Belgium in 1988, Léonard Pongo was one of the five POPCAP 2014 award winners for his series “The Uncanny”. Here, he discusses what inspired this work – namely the need to create a bond with his father’s family and country, the Democratic Republic of Congo – plus his process of “listening to images”, [...]

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David English: X Vario Black-and-White

© David English

I love my Leica M Monochrom. I think it’s the best full-frame camera for black-and-white digital photography. I also have a Leica X Vario, which I purchased for color photography as a supplement to my M Monochrom. Turns out, the X Vario is also a great little camera for black-and-white photography. Surprisingly, I use it [...]

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Mark Mann: Celebrity Portraits at the Toronto International Film Festvial

© Mark Mann

Mark Mann is a celebrity and sports photographer who was born in Glasgow. He studied at the prestigious photographic program at Manchester Polytechnic. After assisting photographers Nick Knight and Miles Aldridge, Mark started shooting on his own, relocating to New York City. Mark’s editorial work has appeared in Esquire, Men’s Health, Vibe, Spin, Fortune, Billboard, Parade and Complex, [...]

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Mircea Albutiu: Dedicated to the Dance

© Mircea Albutiu

Mircea Albutiu, a masterful Romanian dance photographer, documents the inspiring convergence of classical ballet and contemporary dance with available light and a Leica Monochrom. Q: We last interviewed you in January 2013. What have you been up to professionally since then? A: I have worked most with the ballet dancers for a new series called [...]

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Simon Puschmann: 365 Days with the Leica M Monochrom

© Simon Puschmann

Simon is an acclaimed, award-winning commercial photographer. For more than 20 years, he has been creating his own brand of dramatic, unexpected imagery for a prestigious clientele, including Audi, Citroen, BMW, BMW Sauber F1, Mercedes Benz, Doc Martens, FC St. Pauli, Lufthansa, Hamburg City Film Council, Volkswagen, and Mobil One NASCAR Racing and many more. Previously, [...]

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Jide Adeniyi-Jones: “Photography Forced Me to Establish a Point of View”

© Jide Adeniyi-Jones

Jide Adeniyi-Jones is a documentary photographer currently based in Kenya. Born in Lagos, Nigeria, in 1952, he entered the field of professional photography twenty years later while in London. Since then he has developed long-term personal projects and more commercial assignments in Africa, Europe and the United States. Here, he introduces us to an ongoing [...]

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Andrew Stuart: Documenting Rock from the Inside with a Leica M

© Andrew Stuart

If Andrew Stuart’s images of rock musicians seem to convey a special dynamism, intensity, and authenticity, it’s certainly a testament to his extraordinary talent as a photographer. But it’s also a result of spending a long time in the music business before becoming a photographer and having the good fortune to be mentored and inspired [...]

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#LeicaFotopark: Monika Bulaj is Here, Where are You?

© Monika Bulaj

Leica Camera is celebrating the grand opening of Leica Fotopark, the online platform where you can discover, exchange, organize and create! This series examines the photographers who are the first members of the Leica Fotopark community and helped test the platform. Here they share their thoughts and impressions. Monika Bulaj, born in 1966, is a [...]

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Mack Magagane: Constructing within the Already Constructed

© Mack Magagane

Mack Magagane is a 24-year-old, Johannesburg-based photographer. In the interview below, we discuss his first body of work, “Light Hours”, created in Johannesburg in 2009. This project became the basis for his next projects, modes of vision and construction of images. In this series, his deep interest in architecture meets his fascination for the uncanny [...]

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Aaron C. Greenman: China Jiangsu

© Aaron C. Greenman

As a self-proclaimed brilliant businessman once lectured me, “the entire world is becoming global.” Equally insightful (or not), small signs demonstrating humanity’s universality are clearly everywhere – and in China’s Jiangsu province, there are likely more than most anywhere else, certainly per square meter. Once again the headlines and catch lines used by the world’s [...]

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Daniel Zvereff: La Neblina

© Daniel Zvereff

Daniel Zvereff is a freelance designer, illustrator and photographer. He travels to the far corners of the world documenting his journeys through images and journals. “La Neblina” is photographic journey along the Pan-American highway in northern Peru towards the high elevation city of San Pablo. In 1952 it was home to a leper colony that [...]

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