General Social Media and Blog Guidelines

The Leica Camera Blog and other social media communities like Facebook and Twitter are spaces for Leica fans, enthusiasts and customers to actively engage with Leica and with one another. It’s not the place for anything inappropriate or offensive. The following community guidelines are to clarify the policy by which The Leica Internet Team creates and moderates content. The Leica Camera community includes content posted by Leica Camera, as well as that of readers, fans and followers on other platforms which include but aren’t limited to: The Leica Camera Blog, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google Plus, Vimeo, YouTube, Flickr and Pinterest.

Do not use Leica Camera communities to make commercial offers of any kind. Posted content that is blatant sales pitch or spam will be deleted. The Leica Internet Team will review all comments and remove any that are in violation of these terms. In posting content, including photos, you consent to letting Leica Camera showcase posted content in any medium.

The Leica Internet Team welcomes and encourages differing opinions, but not to the disturbance of other readers. The Leica Internet Team reviews all comments and reserves the right to discard any comments that:

  • are rude, harassing, violent, offensive, discriminatory or threatening.
  • are intended to misrepresent information or is illegal in anyway.
  • contain content that is irrelevant to the topic of the community or discussion at hand including blatant spam and advertisements.
  • link to an executable or download file or a site containing any illegal or offensive content
  • reveal any sensitive personal information

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The Leica Camera Internet Team curates content that is published on The Leica Camera Blog.

The Leica Internet Team:

  • Does not discriminate when selecting content to be published on the blog.
  • Does not accept any monetary compensation for any content featured on the blog.
  • Strives to ensure that all content is accurate and free of errors and in the instances that errors are made, The Leica Internet Team will correct the errors in a timely manner.
  • Moderates and  monitors blog comments based on the blog comment policy. Comments left by readers do not reflect Leica Camera’s views.
  • Includes contractors and in-house employees who help maintain the blog.

If you are interested in submitting a guest blog post for consideration to be featured on The Leica Camera Blog, please read the following.

  • Content should offer a unique perspective to photography.
  • Only submit content that you created and/or have the copyright to.
  • Provide your legal name and accurate contact information.
  • The guest blog post submission should be between 500 – 800 words.
  • The submission should include 12-14 high resolution photos in jpeg format. Please include the names of the photos as the file name. Attach the photos individually or in a zip file in the email submission.
  • Photos should have one side that’s 1000px in length or height.
  • You reserve the rights and ownership to all images submitted, but grant Leica Camera use of the images and content to post on The Leica Camera Blog and other Leica Camera platforms and marketing material.
  • Please include details about the camera equipment used. Images can be taken with any make or model of camera and lenses; however, guest posts and interview selections are heavily weighted toward Leica cameras and lenses.
  • Photographers will receive full credit for the photos featured on the blog.
  • Include a short bio in the submission and please include any links to a website or blog that you’d like included in the post.

If you have any content suggestions for The Leica Camera Blog, please submit your idea here:


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