Let the Light in Sean Hopkins takes to the streets with his Leica M10 and the new Noctilux-M 75 f/1.25 ASPH

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    • Well spotted! Although Sean is based in Chicago and the majority of these images were shot there, he also shot with the Noctilux-M 75 f/1.25 ASPH in Toronto.

  • Not a set of “good examples” for Leica (or for this new 75/f1.25 M lens), photographically uninteresting, no inspiration, compositionally would not be said as any good, background choices terrible, images unsharp (not really showing the merits of this F1.25 lens’ quality at wide open)… What does the photographer trying to say? Just merely saying those images were taken with a new 75mm/F1.25 “super fast” lens? A set of meaningless images shot with a super expensive, supper heavy lens? This set of “sample images” does not reflect Leica photography’s supposed artistic, or meaningful image qualities at all, not a good choice or selection…

    Leica should have chosen another better photographer’s work trying to reflect it’s new 75mm/F1.25 lens…

  • At first I was wondering why these images looked so static and not very well seen in terms of light and composition……then I read the person using it was not a photographer but a Mechanical Engineer. Makes sense since 99% of those who will buy this hard to use-on-an-M body lens will not be photographers but enthusiasts.

    I start a nice three day magazine assignment today, among other gear, I am bringing my M10, 28 Summicron, 35mm 1.4 FLE and 50 Summicron. This behemoth makes no sense on a Leica M body and only a bit more sense on a 24MP SL body.

  • See the critics of the pictures. Dont agree. To many people look at images as some idealised copy of the the real world where the photographer shoots under ideal conditions. I don’t think that is smart, we have to adapt to the circumstance, the decisive moment where the shot is made, we must understand that manual focusing is very different from automatic. Not saying a word about what is best, that does not matter. Manual is manual, auto is auto. I like this shots. they reveal an atmosphere, an experience that is worth capturing, in that respect Leica is the the best camera, if you have learned to master it.

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