The Walking Photographer Eolo Perfido creates his own form of delicate visual poetry while exploring the world on foot

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  • A good street photographer is able to walk that line between “too early” and “too late”
    You’ve made my day man. Didn’t know your work. I just discovered a great photographer.

  • A great interview. This is a great way to talk about street photography. Beautiful photos too. Black and white poetry. I’m 61 years old and with a little practice, I’ve gotten over my timidness, but not completely. This interview inspired me. I have a M9 with a Summicron 28mm. Time to change. The doubt is whether to take a leica Q or a Leica M10? I only shoot 28mm and I’d like to have a lighter camera so I was thinking to go Q. But I’ve been shooting with the M system all my life…

  • “…elements overlapping at the right time, as something extraordinary and not mundane at all….” #faitheyes …our dignity is so inspiring 🙂 Great job Eolo!

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