Chinatown Street photographer Dimitri Mellos documents the vibrant community of New York's Chinatown with his Leica M9

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  • A wonderful series, and I feel that Mr. Mellos accomplished exactly what he set out to do. Being an American Asian myself-born in the US, but having very strong ties to the Chinese Community, he has captured the essence of the immigrant culture. Even more so, Mr. Mellos captures the heritage and customs of the old, which brings back memories of growing up among my grandmothers (who had bound feet) and their routines, while also offering a glimpse of the new generation, and in one particular image, he showcases both, showing the contrast between the generations.

    I left feeling melancholy–reminiscing about the days growing up, hearing the loud laughter and clicking tiles of mad mahjong playing in my parents basement. Chinatown has changed. My acupuncturist’s parents, had the first Chinese herb store that occupied 3 floors, which no longer exists. As a third generation acupuncturist and Chinese herbalist, my acupuncturist has since been ousted from the neighborhood, and forced to move uptown. I used to fill my backpack with Chinese goods from the Chinese grocery store Kam Sen, on my way to my appointments. Now I cross the street next to a Whole Foods, to go to his office.

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