Big Landscapes – the constructed landscape Stephen Robinson and his Leica M9-P

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  • The blight of industrialization! The awful grandeur and colors of a ruined landscape.
    The huge yellow dump/mountain reminding me, of my birth city, Johannesburg.
    “Egoli” the city of gold. Thankfully the dumps now covered in growth of a plant.
    The pix are grand but sometimes a larger format would be better!
    Edward Burtinsky uses large format in his quest. I still applaud your work!

  • The first photos of this majestic landscape are one of the many wonders that nature can only produce. Shapes and colors that no painter would paint better. They give me great emotion!
    But sadness to see man-made transformation. You have been able to grasp the majesty of this man-made work and the great sadness of those who like me see another piece of humanity disappear to leave the pleace of “progress”.

  • Thank you Jason and Roberta for looking and commenting. Yes, here there definitely is the industrial blight and the sadness in man’s transformation of Nature’s landscape. But we all want those cell phone, tablet, laptop and PC devices that demand this transformation – and yes, cameras too.

  • You are right Stephen, this is the price of progress! Nobody wants to give up all this!
    Thanks anyway for your beautiful photos. The only way I can see a world that maybe I will never see, but that I can see with your camera eyes as if they were replacing mine.

  • I’m looking to get into photography more seriously now but don’t have a decent camera yet. I’m looking for something which can deliver similar results to what’s been achieved above. Can anyone recommend a camera around the £700 mark? I was actually thinking of renting one first to try out before to be sure. Do any of these look suitable?:

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