Experiencing Buddhist Cosmology Wang Liu Yang and his Leica M4-P

In 2008, Wang Liu Yang was admitted to Ziamen University of Technology to study graphic design. After enrolling in college, he began learning plane design, landscape, photography among others. Drawing inspiration from books that don’t have anything to do with photography, Wang talks about his first attraction to photography back in high school. Documenting daily life of fellow classmates, he recalls photography as a kind of accident, one that seemed to survive from a variety of hobbies.

Since I started taking pictures many years ago, photography for me has become a kind of philosophy. I happened to be living in China where people pay close attention to the unity of nature and ideas. Over the past year I walked around mountains and islands, seeing all types of attitudes towards life.

To know more about Wang Liuyang’s work, please visit his official website

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  • Thanks Leica for sharing more film work on the blog recently. I appreciate the effort to highlight projects done using the older bodies that many of us fell in love with in the first place.

    I like the digital Leicas (that I bought later) but I’ve always loved my film Leicas more.

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