A 600-mile ride across Kyrgyzstan The adventure of Lucas Winzenburg and the Leica MP

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  • Your own pix are superb!
    I love riding my bike but never on such trips!
    Age a factor! Simple tools and HP+5 winners.
    The magazine “Bunyan Velo” outstanding!
    The varied viewpoints of true explorers makes an old pro stand in awe. Well done all.
    Heartfelt congratulations. jason.

  • Thank you for sharing your fascinating journey! You have a mastery of the Leica MP that is superb. Again thank You! If I may suggest, as NY is closer your bike buddies might want try trek in Adirondack Park and NYS Erie Canal trail ride.

  • Impressive, Lucca! I’d love to see all that you share down the road😀

    • “Worlds colliding” moments like this are pretty fun, and it leads me down a path of daydreaming (“I need a fatbike!” and all of the routes I want to ride, the places I want to go and a shiny new 35 f1.4 Summilux for my M4-2 body).

  • I’ve been a fan of Bunyan Velo since the beginning (or thereabout), but I never realized how good of a photographer you were, or that, like me, you’re a fan of film Leicas. On my website, on the main page, I have a mix of film and digital pictures; I’m proud to say the pictures of the CX Nationals in Austin I shot with a Leica M4-2, on film.
    I was in awe of the Kyrgyzstan trip when I first saw it on Bikepacking dot com, and impressed in totally different ways when I saw it here.
    Thanks for sharing (and thanks for Bunyan Velo).

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