Tips and tricks with the Leica M8 Simon King shares his thoughts on using the sturdy Leica M8

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  • Steve!

    I’m curious: how many of your excellent photos could I have taken with my trusty M3 and 35mm Summicron? It has never needed a repair, and it is…mirrorless!


  • G
    Yes! Great comment!
    Digital esp. on DSLR is for shoots needed yesterday!
    That is insane. The M digital users promote using DNG, which is slower than film processing.
    I used JPEG on an M8 and found it very nice.
    My M3 celebrates 50 yrs in service!
    I love color of M8. Kodachrome look.

  • Winogrand has two M4 and they were in repair numerous times. My M4-2 went for repair service twice. One time I dropped it, another time I managed to get film where it is not supposed to be.
    About tips and tricks…
    My daughter is using TTL flash for professional photography with non-Leica camera and I’m using Leica TTL flash on M8 and M-E, if it is too dark for my own photography.

  • “The M digital users promote using DNG, which is slower than film processing.”
    What kind of raw workflow are you talking about? Making a fine art print from every frame. If you don’t need to make any adjustments to your JPEGs than why would you think you have to spend a lot of time on raw files? You can batch process DNG on a laptop in seconds, and the quality is much better than the M8’s in camera JPEGs.

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