Meeting the Sami people of Norway Jarle Hagen shares his experience with Sami culture and the Leica Summilux-SL 50 mm f/1.4 ASPH

© Jarle Hagen

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  • visit his website for extremely incredible high res images of it. there you see
    the whole details of an extreme! sharp lens.

    awesome project. much congrats!

  • Your images really made me stop, look and see the in-depth character of these individuals and as a people. This is what excellent photographs are suppose to do, make one stop and feel. Obviously the Leica SL and lens helped Jarle create the feeling and mood as he superbly captured the fleeting moments in time. Better still, his photographs, along with the most interesting text detailing the history of the Sami people made for an all inclusive story where one could see and understand. Bottomline, I found Jarle’s photographs to be quite compelling and most thoughtful. Superb photography!

  • Exxtremely interesting for me personally.
    I recently had a DNA profile as I’m very interested in family history and my motherline resulted in me having the same DNA as 42% of the Sami population living today.The main motherline coming from a particular Sami woman down to the present day.

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