Authenticity in vintage style photography Darren Centofanti delves deeper in his retro shoot

© Darren Centofanti

© Darren Centofanti

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  • Hello,
    I suddenly stopped receiving the blog several months ago. I do not know why. Annoying.

    I want to receive the blog, but I cannot find anywhere to sign up. Very maddening.

    A Leica friend also mysteriously stopped receiving the blog. He doesn’t know where to sign up, either. Extremely irritating.

    Can you provide us with a solution? Reassuringly calming.

    Thank you.

    • Leica Internet Team

      Hi John, thank you for your comment. We are working on this and will soon notify readers about a solution. Thanks for reading the Leica Blog!

  • Easily one of my favorite blog posts here. I like the model very much. Darren said she could have been slightly out of her comfort zone, but she doesn’t look like it! She looks truly comfortable and professional. Love the vintage feel of the photos.

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