Uwe Martin: California Dreamin’

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  • it is so good to hear of another Leica photographer interested in this area…It is an area most people “pass by” going either to the mountains or to the coast…But it is a fascinating and full of rich photographic material…I have recently moved close by in the Sierra foothills so that I can be closer to photograph the central valley…You have some very nice photographs. To see not only the drought’s effect but Calif water policies effects on the area is sad..There are “dust bowl” conditions everywhere , thousands out of, work, and lots of anger towards politicians for not building more reservoirs…it would be great for you to continue this work. Remember the FSA.? .I am so surprised there are not more photo stories of the devastation on the land and people..I will be working this area next year on my own and through workshops…keep up the good work in the breadbasket of Calif–an under appreciated but so important an area to our lives both in Calif and the US..Really good photographs of the frames and workers there !!

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