Scott Tansey: Intimate Portraits of the Inanimate

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  • Great article, as usual. Thie Leica blog is a never ending source of reading for me. Coming from NZ I can really appreciate the work Scott has done around costal and river systems! They were the subjects that go me into photography in the first place.

    I have been on the dark side (big dslr) of photography for a number of years now shooting landscape and nature photography. My great uncle was a kiwi pioneer of the Leica system shooting early NZ back in the 1950’s. Lately the weight of a big full frame DSLR with a full range of zooms is getting me down. As I have seen Leicas used so much in both Street and Landscape photography I am seriously on the verge of jumping. Unfortunately my uncle has donated his kit to a NZ museum so I have yet to try the system.

    Are there any serious words of advice that someone proficient in using the Leica system could give me aside from the usual “quality” comment that could help me jump?

  • WOW! These are amazing photos. I find it fascinating that the inanimate can be so intimate. You have succeeded so admirably in animating the inanimate world and bridging what might seem to be a huge gap. The relationship amongst the various elements of nature is strikingly intimate and palpable!!!! THis is a brilliant series. At the risk of repeating myself, let me say WOW one more time!!!!!

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