Happy Holidays and Thank You for a Wonderful 2014!

Dear Leica Blog Readers and Friends,

We want to take a moment and thank you for a great 2014!  This will be our last blog post for the year as the Leica Internet Team is going on holiday. We’ll resume regular publishing on Monday, January 5, 2015. A special thank you to all the photographers who inspired us and contributed their time, images, and perspective on the blog this year!

It was a busy year celebrating Leica’s 100 year anniversary and the activities surrounding the Leitz-Park opening and photokina. A particular highlight from 2014 was interviewing this year’s Leica Hall of Fame winner Thomas Hoepker whose image is featured above. Stay tuned because we have a lot of interesting content in store for you next year too.

Also, don’t forget there’s still time to enter our #DasPlaetzchen Holiday Cookie Contest! You have until December 31 to enter for a chance to win a Leica T and an interview on The Leica Camera Blog. Get all the details here and be inspired by the sweet treats that have been baked already.

Again, thank you for continuing to be a part of the Leica Camera community. We wish you a happy holiday season and New Year!

We’ll see you in 2015!

– Leica Internet Team

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  • Just got my 1st Leica last week a M240. Wow a lot of money but Not expensive. Love it. Having gr8t fun, the more I get know the camera the more I love it and the better the photos are. Never shot so few photos on a shoot and had so many photos popping and being usable.
    Well done Team Leica.
    Please don’t bring out a new camera in the near future because I will buy it and sell my house to pay for it.

    Gr8t work team Leica.

    Happy Christmas

  • Merry Christmas to you all and thank you for all your work in putting together this wonderful blog. I can only hope you all have some great plans for 2015 and that this blog continues it’s great work in showcasing Leica photographers and their work. Thanks again!

  • It was really great year full of learning and inspiration. I wish to see more videos in 2015 on this website.
    Marry Christmas and Happy New Year for all of you who love photography.

  • Merry Christmas and great New Year 2015 to you Leica !

    Enjoy your Holidays and Seasons Greeting ,
    Thanks a lot for all the share and as usual it was a great year with your great Blog and lot learning and good inspiration of photography.

    Thanks again and best regards and many kind thoughts for a happy and a fresh New year to you all.


  • Leica Internet Team,

    Great work on a great blog! Thanks for all your work and inspiration. Looking forward to an equally inspiring 2015.

    Best wishes,
    John Langmore

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