John Langmore: Open Range – Photographing America’s Big Outfit Cowboys

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  • I agree with your reasoning for using film as described above. To that I would add the dubious future of digital imagery.One only has to look to the past to see the future of digital media. 5.25″ floppies, hard drive crashes, etc. etc. Too frightening for a serious photographer to consider. I don’t object to digital printing (I’m personally a crappy darkroom printer) from a scanned neg so I embrace that aspect of the new age, but a negative can be lasting no matter the technology with which the final images are seen. Preferably on the wall or in a book.

  • Congratulations John, Great project that can only be attempted or completed with lots of heart. Thanks for the excellent endeavor, can’t wait to see the book. So many years after your Dad’s historic effort, yours will make both more historic!

  • Wow- great images with a great interview. I love that you are running the gamut of Leica film cameras. Thanks for your work, I am instantly reminded of Harvey Caplin.

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