Michael Bialecki: Documenting the Changes in Myanmar

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  • For sure Myanmar is an interesting country. It’s nice to know you have been able to interact with people, I’m curious which language (english I presume) and I would like to know if you gave the people you photographed a copy of the photo, which being made on film I think you developed and printed when back home (or not?).
    Photography in my opinion is communication and interaction is a base for this.
    I also like your comment ” I don’t think there are any advantages to shooting film, I just prefer it. ”
    I do really hope you manage to publish a book which I would like to buy for sure! Thanks for posting this interview and these intense photographs.

  • Congrats Michael! Glad to run into this interview on here. Beautiful images, glad to see what you’ve been up to. Hope you are well! Search “Rolling Through the Shadows” to see a series of interviews I have been doing on the site and drop a line if you’re able!
    Mark Whiteley

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