Kent Miller: The Leica M Monochrom at Fashion Week

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  • Incredible photographs with classic Leica look. Thanks for sharing. Neverthess, I just keep wondering why so many photographers keep referring to Leica cameras as “supplements” to their bread-and-butter cameras (Nikon, Canon, PhaseOne, etc.) that are the ones they use to pay the bills. In my experience, if you are not shooting wildlife and fast sports like hokey, the Leica M can stand very ell on its own. The wonderful photographs on this post certainly prove that.

  • This was a real treat! I’m in the process of falling off the fence and landing on a MM in 2014. This was another little push. Thanks!

  • Thanks for sharing these wonderful photographs and the photographer’s story behind them. I’m curious how Mr. Miller got along with the SF 24D flash as its on my list of additions to my kit. Plus having Joe McNally as a light teacher does not hurt.

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