Yvan Rodic: Capturing Moments in Paris

“I think photography is one of the most organic and natural ways to share what you experience.”

Yvan Rodic is a street photographer known as Face Hunter. He became famous for posting images from fashion and cultural events online in 2006. He helped give rise to street style blogging and is a go to source for seeing the latest happenings in fashion. To keep up with ever evolving trends, Rodic constantly travels shooting in every city and uploading the results to the Internet.

The Leica C enables him to shoot at a moment’s notice and quickly, never missing a beat or a trend. Watch him on the streets of Paris during Fashion Week finding inspiration in the streets and meeting new people.

The Leica C is the first Leica to feature an integrated Wi-Fi/NFC (Near Field Communication) module allowing still pictures and videos to be transferred to smartphones and tablet PCs via WLAN without any cables.

See more of Yvan’s images with the Leica C here.

– Leica Internet Team

Connect with Yvan on his website and Instagram.

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  • it’s an amazing and inspiring camera. Easy to use, a small lightweight, nevertheless a solid, well-manufactured body. I enjoy this typical “Leica-feeling” when capturing streetphotography. Great feature this WiFi-function (use it to ‘communicate’ to and bond the models). Only the pouch could easier been separated from the body (maybe Velcro-strip or press-button instead of this screw). I take this camera always with me and like it very much.

  • I normally use a Leica M8 for my street photography, but was looking for a take anywhere, anytime camera and luckily for me Leica brought out the C! I now hardly use my M8, it’s so compact, has a great zoom, built in viewfinder and of course the WiFi. So delighted with it that I wrote an article on the Leica C when I used it on a recent trip to the Holy Land and left the M8 at home! You can read it it here: http://www.stevehuffphoto.com/2013/11/22/the-leica-c-goes-to-the-holy-land-by-gary-perlmutter/

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