Damaso Reyes: Speaking In Tongues

A member of a Pentecostal church in Barcelona is prayed over during a worship service. © Damaso ReyesA Ukrainian Pentecostal dances during a service in Kiev. © Damaso Reyes

A revival service in London attracts Pentecostals of all ages. © Damaso ReyesFormer drug addicts play in a church sponsored football league in Kiev. © Damaso Reyes

A woman prays on her knees during a Pentecostal service in Kiev. © Damaso ReyesA revival service in Barcelona brings one congregant to his knees. © Damaso Reyes

A young boy is filled by the spirit during a revival in London. © Damaso ReyesWomen overcome with joy onstage during a revival in Kiev. © Damaso Reyes

A woman dances and prays during a service in Barcelona. © Damaso ReyesTwo men engage in an intimate moment of prayer in Barcelona. © Damaso Reyes

A father prays while holding his daughter during a Pentecostal service in Tarragona, Spain. © Damaso ReyesOne of the leaders of a new Pentecostal church in Spain receives a blessing. © Damaso Reyes

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