• I like these photos and this kind of photography. For me are pictures which can be seen on different levels: one is aesthetic, there are nice photographs to see (that fuchsia ball under the tree, wow!) but more important to me there is a deeper level, you can read a story in them or you can create a your own story from the input in the photo. That cutting from a news paper with a photo of the “che” near one hand, the shadow (yours I guess) in the bedroom, the statue in the reflection of what seems me an hospital room are all important parts of a larger puzzle we can try to put together. Thanks for showing this inspiring work.

  • Lovely work, Claire. I think that many such images, and indeed your conceptual framework, will hit home mostly with older viewers or those who have glimpsed their mortality. Speaking from experience, some of these images are like the frames that run through your mind when you’re extremely ill and believe that you might be heading for the exit door. They make no sense outside of such an ending-credits collage.

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