BACK TO KYRGYZSTAN #6: A Photographic Journey With Jean Gaumy

Jean Gaumy’s initial project sought to photograph a Kyrgyz community living in the very high mountains of Tajikistan. However when he arrived in Bishkek, the capital of Kyrgyzstan, he found the border was closed due to the recent assassination of a Tajik politician. After a waiting period at the border, it became clear that he had to find a replacement plan. Playing with chance and luck, our protagonist decided to travel to Kyrgyzstan, a place seemingly captured in time, trusting in the people he would meet. Following gut instincts is just part of the photographer’s job, as usual…

Here is the final installation of BACK TO KYRGYZSTAN: A Photographic Journey With Jean Gaumy.

– Leica Internet Team

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  • One of the Magnum photographers I’d most like to spend time with. What am I saying?! I’d happily spend time with any of the Magnum photographers.

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