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*Updated With Winners* #LeicaMontreux: Tweet & Win Tickets to see Leonard Cohen, Prince and Sting at the Montreux Jazz Festival

Erykah Badu © Michael Agel

The Montreux Jazz Festival is back in Montreux, Switzerland July 5-20 and we have tickets to giveaway to see Leonard Cohen, Prince and Sting!  For each artist, we have two tickets to award one winner. To enter, fans must submit information in the form below, follow Leica Camera on Twitter and publish a tweet using the [...]

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René Burri: Leica Hall of Fame Award Winner 2013

© René Burri

On June 26, 2013, Dr. Andreas Kaufmann presented the Leica Hall of Fame Award 2013 to Swiss photographer René Burri in Zurich. In recognition for his work, Burri received a Leica M Monochrom. The body of the camera is engraved with the name of the award and the signature of the award winner. The prize [...]

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David English: Infrared Monochrom

© David English, Harrah's Sign (Leica M Monochrom, 24 mm Summilux)

The M Monochrom would seem to be a poor choice for infrared (IR) photography. Leica’s spectral sensitivity charts show that very little of the infrared would actually reach the sensor. So why bother? It turns out there’s another side to the story. The camera’s high-ISO capabilities could help maximize the infrared that does get through. [...]

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Scott Tansey: A Profoundly Panoramic Vision of the World Part 2

© Scott Tansey

For over 40 years, Scott Tansey has been taking photos. Also a practicing lawyer, Scott is starting to re-emerge as a professional photographer and has begun sharing his work with the public once again. Using the Leica S-System, he prefers to shoot panoramically. You can read about Scott’s beginnings in photography in part one of [...]

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Gary Copeland: On Shooting Just For Myself

© Gary Copeland

A talented commercial photographer based in Los Angeles, Gary Copeland’s specialty is covering the contemporary music scene. This includes on-stage performances, individual performers, the backstage world of musicians, and events like the South by Southwest Music Festival. As a pro, his primary objective is creating advertising images for lifestyle clients and recording companies such as [...]

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Carl Merkin: The Leica M2 and Advertising

© Carl Merkin

The sixth season premiere of “Mad Men” included an unexpected treat for Leicaphiles and for Leica Camera USA. This was not a case of product placement, just an idea from the writers of “Mad Men.” The Leica M2 played an interesting part in the plot. If, like me, you’re not a regular viewer, I’ll explain. [...]

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Roland Wolff: Leica Store and Gallery Los Angeles

Leica Store and Gallery Los Angeles

We sat down with Roland Wolff, Vice President of Marketing and Corporate Retail for Leica Camera, Inc., to discuss the grand opening of the Leica Store and Gallery Los Angeles. Roland is responsible for all Leica branded retail outlets in the Americas, including Leica boutiques and stores. Below, Roland gives us the inside scoop on what [...]

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Jeff Johnson: Rebel with a Cause

© Jeff Johnson

Authenticity is what Jeff Johnson is all about. He walks the walk, talks the talk, takes great pictures, and tells the true stories of real-life adventurers, risk takers and dedicated champions of our fragile environment. He grew up as a skateboarder in landlocked Danville, California, moved to Hawaii after graduating from high school and lived [...]

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Rolling Through The Shadows: Mark Whiteley

© Mark Whiteley

In the next part of “Rolling Through the Shadows,” we turn the questions around to find out more about Mark Whiteley, the man behind the series. “Rolling Through the Shadows” takes a closer look at the seemingly unlikely collision of skateboarding and M photography from the perspective of the skaters and photographers themselves. Name: Mark [...]

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James B. Martin: Borderlands

© James B. Martin

James B. Martin ventured into the hills of Northeast India to document the last days of fading cultures. “They say he’s 100 years old and took two heads.” The wizened old man before me seems utterly nonthreatening as he struggles to don his warrior garb. Finally, adorned with tusks, he gazes up at me with amusement, the [...]

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Scott Tansey: A Profoundly Panoramic Vision of the World, Part 1

© Scott Tansey

Perhaps the best way to understand who Scott Tansey is and how he sees his mission is to let him speak for himself: “I am driven to make photographs. Even when I’m with other photographers, I’m up earlier to chase the great light, spend more time seeking out great images, and often finish later, well [...]

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Claire Yaffa: Children with AIDS, Chapter 16

© Claire Yaffa

Claire Yaffa took her first photograph 45 years ago when her son was 18 months old and it was the beginning of her journey, first as a mother, then as a photographer. She has worked extensively for The New York Times and Associated Press. Her photographs have appeared in countless influential publications and have been exhibited at [...]

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Alex Coghe: Every Moment Tells a Story

© Alex Coghe

Alex Coghe is an Italian photographer and photojournalist from Rome who has been living in Mexico City for the past three years. Mexico City has become quite important to Alex in his time there. “Mexico City gave me everything: a beautiful wife, my job, my pets, and also a completely different perspective of the world,” [...]

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Yvonne Venegas: The Personal View of Things

© Yvonne Venegas

The award-winning photographer Yvonne Venegas, originally from Tijuana and now based in Mexico City, got her start at the age of 16 and took her first official photo class a year later. Her father, a social photographer in Tijuana, gave Yvonne her first camera. Yvonne is a graduate of the certification program at the International [...]

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Ruediger Glatz: Protesters in Istanbul

© Ruediger Glatz

Ruediger Glatz, born and currently residing in Heidelberg, Germany, is a portrait and documentary photographer, and sees photography as a tool of expression that goes beyond his commercial work. His photographs have been featured in exhibitions and solo shows in the United States and throughout Europe. “Photography is my passion, obsession and addiction,” he explains [...]

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