Carlos René Perez: A Life Creating Art for Art’s Sake, Part 2

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  • Leica and CRP, thanks so much for this second part interview and opportunity for an expanded understanding of your work, as well as another chance to see some more images. Great exhibit at Leica Gallery NY.

  • René, just finished looking through the Blurb book of your exhibit. I knew you at University of Texas in 1971 and your work blew my mind back then. I recall seeing you out on The Drag one afternoon with your tiny Leica. Shooting Tri-X. You were being surreptitious as you captured people on the street. Quickly lift it to your eye. Snap. Then down. Advance the film with your thumb, turn, then up. Snap. Then down. You don’t belong to a genre or have a signature look and feel. I just find myself going into and into and into and into each individual photo one by one. I can spend a long time with a book of your photos.

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