Nikki Sixx: One Step up from the Abyss, Part 2

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  • I also have to give a BIG thumbs up…Thank You LEICA for Highlighting Mr. SIXX…..and his other amazing artistic life, photography. m/ m/
    Supporting SIXX with this blog … Brilliant !! ROKK ON !! :~)

  • Nikki, there’s nothing wrong with your wanting to save the world. It’s not laughable, it’s laudable!! Your powerful photos touch my heart, and make me want to save folks too. I know that we can’t really save the entire world, everyone that we see suffering. But we can surely try. Keep taking those though-provoking pictures! I’m heartened by your need to share, and evoke change.

  • Your pictures capture human struggle which can be both beautiful+painful .thanjs for bringing your art+heart to the street capturing the frailty that is our existence.

  • Your pictures capture human struggle which can be both beautiful+painful .thanks for bringing your art+heart to the street capturing the frailty that is our existence.

  • Thank you for posting these powerful photos, Leica Camera. Beauty emerging out of darkness.

  • I love this . Had me in tears such sadness how society looks and throws away people with addictions . They are people just like you just like me hiding from something at first and so hard to find your way out of addictions . I was addict since age 14 I am now 41 been clean for over 7 yrs but its so true we are all one step away from being there . Anyway just wanted to say love it and thanks for sharing your art with us .

  • Having an addiction my self, I can see & feel their pain. I can, & do relate to the photographs you take. I also feel a very deep compassion for the people in them! What you’re doing is wonderful! Thank you, & take care 🙂

  • Wow nikki your photos are what america needs to bring recognition to a growing epedemic! You have captured many dimensions in your photos. Its sad that we dont have facilities or programs to help those in dire need. My heart bleeds for the homeless and or anyone addicted to anything, life is a precious gift and i shall handle with prayer and encourage all to help someone in need because they deserve a chance. Thank you again, jen

  • Only the ones who will look beyond Nikkis images in This is Gonna Hurt, and understand the reasoning behind the message, will see the photos as nothing but amazing, a chance to look at how we judge others inadvertently. If we choose to use that book as a way to self improve, there is NO WAY, those images could ever be “Shocking” or “Disturing”. Just simply beautiful.

  • amazing… i have always wanted to do this… and still plan to when i retire… documenting society… from the back alley to the coffee shop across america… capturing the essence of the human spirit through a photo blog, and an rv… 😉

    side bar… my father was a herion addict and i have such a passion for this… he passed a year ago this coming week and i see his soul in each of these photo’s… but i love the big goofy smile ones the best

  • I love the way the pictures have a story. Everyone of those people have “something” to tell or say. I feel this makes them relevant and live on long after they are gone. Because they don’t have anything else just their story. Takes a big heart to sit and listen and to capture a life. Awesome job Mr. Sixx!

  • Nikki, as Duff mentioned your images are “stark”, – apropos! These images ARE a stark reality of “truth”. A concrete contrast to the daily dose of marketing agendas we see daily (various mediums). Your images can/are educational – and I hope someday you can work w/your PR Team and have them set a “goal” – to have you connect/speak to “at high risk teens” at public and even private schools (everyone can be a risk, no matter what one’s background is). Continue to educate our youth and remind them never be afraid to say “thanks, but no thanks” to drugs and alcohol. Go on that different kind of “tour” Put the “scare-bug” in their psyche, they’ll forever remember your voice/message and your work/ images – you have the ability to inspire them to strive, to remind them to keep learning something new. You are a tall hombre, they WILL look up to you. Separately, congrats on your sobriety! I’m on page 399 of the HD’s. Thank you for the fund raising initiatives or the Covenant House (to help troubled youth get off the streets). xxoo

  • Thank you Leica for bringing Nikki Sixx into the spotlight for his incredible photography, and thank you Nikki for such a great interview. You’re photography, like your writing and your music (and your brave heart!) will help to change lives.

  • Hi Nikki, your photography is amazing. I have to say that the tombstones&graveyards scare the shit out of me. However im hoping the photos u shoot in the U.S really shed some light onto the desperation, the tremendous need& help that we need right here in our own country.Seems like theres always a “blind eye” turned with massive publicity aimed at foriegn countries. WE NEED HELP HERE, people are starving, homeless…thats only the begining. Please use your “camera voice” to generate help through out The United States.Seems that we are overlooked all the time.Keep rockin,snapping,& writin! xo Dawn

  • Your photos are fantastic with telling a story. I myself am fascinated with the backstreets of Vancouver and have watched many documentaries about the subject of people on the streets and their stories. Keep up the awesome work, I hope to see more! I can really see your passion through these shots.


  • Thanks you Leica for having Nikki Sixx bring much needed awareness to addiction & homelessness in Canada through his photos. Thank you Nikki for the stories you include with your photos as they are very honest & filled with compassion. I also agree with you Nikki when you said anyone is one step away from being on the street, so true. I can relate as I was just a kid when my whole family was homeless for 3 days over 30 yrs ago, after my dad left us & we got kicked out of our home in the middle of winter. Thanks to my relatives help, we were able to find a house & we survived & thrived, but I will never forget that feeling of despair. We were lucky, many are not as you have captured in your photos. That is why I give back & am grateful for everything in my life, good or bad. I too wish there was more compassion in the world. Maybe one day our wishes will come true.

  • So many emotions are here in the pictures. As they say….a picture is worth a thousand words. Nikki, you have hit the nail on the head! Pics show the Real World! Raw! Uncut! The truth! You just captured a few too! There are thousands more just like them. In every corner of this world. Thank you, from the bottom of my heart. Raise awareness. Somebody needs to! Good job, Nikki. It makes me very proud. And very humble.

  • Yeah I know it’s off topic but im having a discussion with my friend, also a recovering addict, am am I about the amount of money you used to spend on your addiction weekly. Im pretty sure you mention it in heroin diaries but neither of us remember not can find it. I mean not to glorify it because it’s a deadly disease I wouldn’t wish on my worst enemy, I mean it gives broke addicts such as myself, most of the time I’d just be able to afford to fend off the withdrawal for another day. I know it had to be thousands a week, but can you at least give me a tough estimate of how much you spent on your addiction in your sikkest days. Thanks, Huge Fan.

  • I just came across this interview. I was not even aware Nikki was a photographer and I was a huge Motley Crue fan back when I was a teenager in the 80s. I had to post a reply saying thanks for this and to Nikki for being the artist he is. Wow!

  • Through Nikki Sixx’s camera eye I can see possibilities in situations where other camera eyes just expose pain, sorrow, hopelessness. Through his art photography, I can see the beauty amidst the darkness. I see the homeless, addicts with new eyes while viewing his work. His photos open my eyes to new ways of looking at dilemmas. I’ve always supported our nearest shelter and had sympathy for the plight of homeless and people struggling with addiction. But it wasn’t until I caught a glimpse of Nikki Sixx’s gut-wrenching photographs that I really began understand a bit of what they are going through. Those photographs made me “walk” in the subject’s “shoes” and after feeling their pain I want to see sweeping changes.

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