• Thank’s Mark – good to hear!
    My AFP-technique might be something for your Hollywood clients… Have you tried the Leica? It has leaf shutter lences for outdoor flash photography. Check with Samys Camera. /CAX

  • Claes is a truly talented photographer, but one other thing that is not mentioned, is the Kenyon gyro he uses to make sure he gets great medium format pictures without motion blur in the subject he is shooting. Anyone who has worked with flash photography knows, when a flash is used, subject blur is always an issue, unless you have a really stable platform. We all know that helicopters are great photo platforms, but they also create difficult shooting conditions. Especially when rotors are not balanced perfectly. This is what a gyro was made for and also what completes his photography gear.

  • I’ve LONG been a fan of Claes’ work and this collection of images is just another example of his creative talents! BRAVO Leica for showcasing yet another amazing shooter!

  • Good reading, Claes have clearly taken som really beautiful shoots!

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