Daniel Zvereff: Negative Thirty-Four In Harbin

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  • Hello Daniel! I’m very glad you’ve found my home town to be interesting, love the photos you’ve taken!

  • Great Pictures!
    I enjoyed viewing them like this…
    please post the pictures more often like this, it really is a pain to click through the images with your pictureviewer – i often don’t go through to the end because i’m getting annoyed searching the “next” button again

  • In spite of your frightening description of Harbin you pictures make me desiring to put some heavy cloth in a bag, take my cameras and a few films, jump on a plane and visit this place! Thanks.
    PS: I find very iconic the photo of the man walking on the ice and snow toward a city. And the photo of a frozen window (I suppose) with the handprints on the ice and two “mysterious” eyer looking out is a superb photo. But it must be a real cold place!

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