Jon Humphries: Rolling Through The Shadows

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  • I was having some issues about light balancing and shadows and highlights but then I stumbled upn this site and it has helped me a lot. If you are looking for same information, Here is another site that is sure to help you with the tricks to deal with the lightening and shadowing balance: using these tips, you don’t need to be a magazine model to have perfect pictures!

  • The third photo, the guy driving toward we don’t know what is really great. It let me think of a Wim Wender’s movie. The framing (I like wide lenses) and the light really matches the expression on his face, like if he is traveling in a special place. Great!

  • Hello, I have a high school student interested in becoming a skateboard photographer. He struggles with wanting to drop out of high school. Would you be able to send some information about how to get started in this industry?

    I appreciate any help you could give him.

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