Tom A. Smith: Behind The Scenes With Leica Akademie

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  • Congratulations Tom. Thanks to the *entire* Leica Akademie team for bringing your unique and worthwhile experience to North America.

    I thoroughly enjoyed — and benefitted-from — *both* of my Leica Akademie engagements: “The M9 Experience,” and Quinton Gordon’s: “Truth About Photographs…”

    I welcome anyone considering the Akademie to read my Leica M9 Experience review: ( )

    I recommend the Leica Akademie program, and I hope to attend the Monochrom workshop in 2013.

    • Leica Internet Team

      Hi Sascha – sorry about that. Not sure what happened but the video is 100% public and you should be able to watch it now.

  • Great interview. Thanks for taking the time to share the details of Leica Akademie. I’m looking forward to the Big Sur workshop! Hope to see you there, Tom.

  • This is an absolute insightful information from Leica akademie. I have been contemplating on buying a Leica camera but something holds me back. After reading this blog I now have full confidence and determined to buy the camera to enable me move to the top of my photography career. Its amazing that the camera takes photos from high range and long distance….Mmmh..perfect for me.
    Here are some other great photography tips on a blog I found interesting too.

  • Tom. I attended five of the 2012 workshops in San Francisco with Tom Brichta. These sessions were key to my Leica equipment buying decisions but more important, gave me the opportunity to meet, interact with, and learn from other members of the ‘Leica Family’. For me, that has been the most valuable aspect of these sessions. The relationships developed at these sessions continue to build. I highly recommend the “Truth About Photographs” session with Quinton Gordon and look forward to an advanced 3 or 4-day version of that class soon! I don’t have an active website yet, but here is my flickr link:

    All the best,

    Jack Ottaway
    Danville, CA

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