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Paul Smith: Swans and 1 Dream by Tony McGee

© Tony McGee

We wanted to present something special for Christmas and are glad that Paul Smith accepted to deliver this piece for our blog, our last for 2012. The Leica Internet Team would like to wish everyone a safe, happy and healthy holiday season. We will return on January 7, 2013 and are excited for the upcoming [...]

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J. Konrad Schmidt: Elevating Emotions In Photographs, Part 1

© J. Konrad Schmidt

J. Konrad Schmidt is a Hamburg based photographer and member of BFF, an organization of 500 freelance German photographers. His work has appeared in such publications as Elle (Germany), NEON, Selected Views and Cosmopolitan (Russia) among others. He has shot for clients like American Apparel, BACARDI, Philips Healthcare, Samsung and Radisson and has won numerous [...]

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Sami Fayed: An Articulate Voice For The Wilderness

© Sami Fayed

Sami Fayed has a passion for preserving the natural world, and he uses the skills he acquired in the demanding arena of commercial photography to articulate his vision. Working with Wilderness International of Canada on environmental projects as well as on personal nature and wilderness projects in Africa, Europe, North America and The Azores, Fayed [...]

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Tom A. Smith: Behind The Scenes With Leica Akademie

Walking Tour Participants Check Out Their Leica Cameras

Tom A. Smith, the Manager for the Leica Akademie in North America, recently guided participants on a PhotoWalk in New York City featuring the Leica M-System and the Leica X2. He was kind enough to give us a few moments of his time to tell us more about what Leica Akademie has in store for [...]

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David G. SPIELMAN: When Not Performing

Uncle Lionel Batiste © David G. SPIELMAN

David G. SPIELMAN recently released the book When Not Performing that tells the stories behind the music of seventy-one musicians.  The kind of stories that reveal more than what meets the eye or what we hear when they perform. The musicians chose where they wanted to be photographed adding another dimension to their story. Working singularly with [...]

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Uwe Dürigen: Reportage of the Kumari in Nepal

© Uwe Dürigen

Uwe Dürigen is featured in the latest issue of LFI for his reportage on the Kumari in Nepal.  He was born in 1968 in Loffenau, Germany. At first he wanted to become a guitarist; however, he decided to study economics and sociology. During his years of study, he came into contact with the fascinating culture of [...]

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Michael Ernest Sweet: Attraction to the Human Fragment

Crazy Talk, New York City, NY, 2012 © Michael Ernest Sweet

Michael Ernest Sweet, born in 1979, is a Canadian educator, writer and street photographer. He is a national recipient of both the Prime Minister’s Award and the Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Medal in Canada for significant contributions to his country in the field of education and the arts. Michael’s first published collection of photography [...]

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David English: Wide Eye Wonder

Arcade Game (Leica M9, 18mm Super-Elmar) © David English

I love wide-angle lenses. Why settle for reality as we know it, when you can have a wraparound view that’s larger than life. Accompanying this panoramic effect is an increased depth of field. Details become sharply focused across the visual plane. The trick is knowing where and when to use a wide-angle lens. I usually [...]

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Leica “Das Plätzchen”: Holiday Cookie Competition

Leica Tasty Treats

There’s hardly any other time of the year that has more customs and traditions than the month of December. No matter what nationality, religion or holiday you celebrate, the end of the year is about enjoying time together with the ones you love. Hence, it’s no wonder that culinary treats are a big part of [...]

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Vali Barbulescu: Transcending The Outer Beauty To Reveal The Inner Truth

© Vali Barbulescu

He transitioned from the world of music to the world of images to create unique visual harmonies. Vali Barbulescu abhors pretension, and that’s why conventional bios turn him off. However, that didn’t prevent him from doing a masterful job of writing his own. The following autobiographical sketch provides an insightful look into who he is, [...]

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Marc Erwin Babej: Creating Images That Engage And Expand The Viewer’s Consciousness, Part 2

Stanley's Camp Game Drive 3 - Elephant Walk © Marc Babej

Essentially Marc Babej is an artist who employs the literalism of the photographic image to take the viewer beyond the confines of the spatial-temporal world and to confront the parameters of their own perceptions. His endlessly fascinating and provocative images have been created in the course of a never-ending process of inspired and open-minded exploration. [...]

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Christian Kantuzer: Travelling Through The Philippines With The Leica X2

© Christian Kantuzer

Christian Kantuzer was born in 1971 in Austria. His family moved to Germany in 1972 and he has lived in Cologne for the past sixteen years. In Cologne, he studied the science of film, television and theatre. He co-founded with Jan Oellrich freishwimmer, a directors team creating commercials, documentaries, web only video content and more. [...]

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Vittorio Daniele: A Photographic Pilgramage

© Vittorio Daniele

Vittorio Daniele was born in 1965 in Syracuse in Sicily. He attended the “School of Cinema” in Milan where he graduated with a degree in Cinematography. He has shot documentaries, fiction, commercials and music videos; however, his true passion is street photography and reportage. He has exhibited his photographs in various exhibitions in Siena, Turin, [...]

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Alfred Schopf: Inspiration Behind “Ninety Nine Years Leica”

© Leica Camera AG

Revealed at the LEICA – DAS WESENTLICHE event the night before photokina 2012, the new book “Ninety Nine Years Leica” by the Hamburg publisher 99pages is a nod to Leica Camera’s history and the emotions and legendary images that have been a part of our lives for nearly a century. After reading through its 300 [...]

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f/Egor: More Bartlett’s Rejects

Distant Skywalker Relations © grEGORy simpson

Concision is a virtue. Some writers express themselves thoroughly with only a laconically minimalist assemblage of words. These wordsmiths — deities of pithiness — are my inspiration. For unlike them, I am an adjective junkie cavorting in the company of the loquacious. I imbibe in drunken orgies of word gluttony and succumb most decadently to [...]

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