A Conversation with Danny Wilcox Frazier on Facing Change: Documenting America

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  • Hi Claire, I’m glad you enjoyed the interview and video – it was great to spend time with chatting with Danny, Carlos, and others at Photokina. They’re really smart and thoughtful guys. It was wonderful to find out more about their work. Stay tuned for the next one! 😉

  • In a time when everyone is a “street photographer” and when we are bombarded by these often empty and lifeless images, it is very refreshing to see the deeper interactions you have with the people that you photograph. Their lives and daily struggles becomes a cause for celebration…

  • Hi Per,
    Interesting comment, and I’m sure you’ll like the other interviews we have lined up in that case. I’m big fan of street photography, when done well, but it does pose some questions about how much the images can convey – it takes a true master to elevate them to a point beyond just being candids of people on the street. All photography poses its own questions, though!

  • Danny,
    thank you for sharing your work here, it is good to see good pictures on this site once in a while.

    even more, thank you for helping educate people on the shameful and sad plight of the Lakotas – and all other native nations in this country.

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