Paul Smith: Classic Creation With A Twist The Leica X2 Edition Paul Smith

Paul Smith is a British-born international designer and entrepreneur. His clothing designs are sold in over 70 countries worldwide, and he was knighted by Queen Elizabeth II in 2001. In this video, Smith talks about his new contribution to the Leica Camera line and his history with photography. Smith has had a close relationship with photography since the age of 11 when his father bought him his first camera. He continues his photography today by shooting advertisements for his own fashion collection and magazines. He always carries a camera with him to capture any moment that arises.

The Leica X2 Edition Paul Smith combines Smith’s ‘classic with a twist’ philosophy with Leica Camera’s technology. Because of his photography and design background, Smith describes the collaboration on this project as a natural process. The finished product has Smith’s unique style and Leica Camera’s quality. The Leica X2 Edition Paul Smith was introduced at “LEICA – DAS WESENTLICHE” on September 17, 2012. This special edition is limited to 1,500 cameras making it highly collectible by both Leica Camera connoisseurs and lovers of exclusive lifestyle products.

-Leica Internet Team

To learn more about Paul Smith and his designs, visit his website, Facebook and Twitter.

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  • it is always great to see – and hear – Sir Paul Smith, the best menswear designer!

    when i used to live in the UK one of my favourite destinations was his store in Covent Garden, and if one was lucky enough, he could see the man himself in the store, helping clients (he used to come downstairs from his office to get direct feedback from customers).

    one can always find interesting cameras and fantastic photography books as well in his stores, so it is great to see another collaboration between him and Leica.

    those 1500 X2 cameras will be snapped up quickly, i am sure!

  • Inlove with the design that Paul Smith did… I wish they could make a contest to this camera… Really love to have one:)

  • I like the Paul Smith’s shop in Milan, and I agree with Stefano that visiting them is always interesting. Personally not so sure about the x1 special look: nice, exciting but I like black cameras…just my idea…

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