Leica. My Life – André Georgi On His D-Lux 6

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  • @André: nice detail shots on the airplanes. Thanks for sharing.

    The D-Lux 6 looks like a nice re-iteration on the older D-Lux cameras and it’s certainly a good combination of Panasonic electronics and camera design with a decent Leica zoom lens. It’s a real pity though that the Leica D-Lux 6 has to compete with Sony’s new RX100 which also features an excellent name brand lens that probably equals the Leica lens in quality but comes with a much much much bigger sensor to allow for higher ISO and more control over depth of field and a better image quality. A D-Lux 6 costs ~700€ in Germany. The Sony RX100 goes for ~600€ in Germany. In direct comparison, the D-Lux 6, being a glorified, Leica branded version of an otherwise cheaper Panasonic camera, is too expensive to compete against the Sony RX100.

    Leica could sell many more D-Lux 6 cameras at a lower price point. But I guess that’s not in the interest of company policy?

  • Since a week I have great pleasure with my brandnew Leica D Lux 6. It’s excellent F/1,4 lens is uncomparably good. In all trials I submitted the camera to, it kept giving me oustanding results. Operating it is very intuitive and easy.
    This little miracle is as good as a “real” camera, exactly the reason why I bought it. Its possibilities are fascinating, and, once more, the optical quality is excellent. Above, it really matches well with the external CF 22 flash.
    However a few remarks. 1. The camera terribly misses an in-built viewfinder (why not?), especially for older users. 2. Handling the camera means automatically touching the display-screen, it’s just to small, you just can’t avoiding touching it. So you have to clean that with a lens-tissue regularly. A little tripod appeares to be a great help.
    3. When putting the camera on the table, the display-screen can easily be damaged. 4. Battery capacity could improve. 5. Designers, where is the automatic lens-cap?
    Despite these facts, I am sure the Leica D Lux 6 will be our good company for a long number of years.
    Jacob Wijs
    (enjoying Leica since the fifties with the M3…)

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