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f/Egor: A Fetishist’s Guide to the Monochrom (Part 2)

Granville Street, 1:48 pm  © grEGORy simpson

In Part 1 of this series, I theorized that nearly every element of a photographer’s perceived needs are really nothing more than his fetishes — and each photographic fetish comes with its own adherents and detractors. I began with a discussion of the camera’s build quality and here, in Part 2, I’ll discuss various imaging [...]

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Magnum Photos: Postcards from America

© Alec Soth. USA. Las Vegas, Nevada. 2011. Postcards I: Southwest

Over the past 18 months, a loose group of Magnum photographers has periodically gathered in locations across America to experiment with the notion of working collaboratively. Photography is often seen as a solitary pursuit, but the aim of the Postcards from America project is for the photographers to try to play like a band, in search of [...]

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Vicky Wragg: Freeze-Framing Little Moments

© Vicky Wragg

Vicky Wragg, based in the United Kingdom, is a photography enthusiast with serious talent. She brings her images to life with colour and whimsy and is able to combine street photography and fine art into compelling images. Q: When did you first discover photography and become interested in it? A: My family has always had [...]

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Jesse Lirola: Capturing Musicians, Fashion and Sports

© Jesse Lirola

Jesse Lirola is a photographer based in Chicago, IL and is known for shooting musicians such as Jay-Z and Lil Wayne. His work has been in publications such as Rolling Stone, Spin, New York Magazine & US Weekly. Leica Blog contributor Alex Coghe  conducted this interview. Q: Hi Jesse. To begin this interview, can you [...]

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David English: Faces

Tokyo Skytree #2 (Leica M9, 50mm Summilux) © David English

I have a confession to make. I’m shy about photographing strangers. I feel that I’m intruding. I’ve found a few techniques to help deal with the problem, but mostly I’ve avoided shooting portraits. So imagine my surprise as I looked through my recent photos from Cologne and Tokyo, when I discovered that some of the [...]

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Kristian Dowling: Leica M Monochrom in Bangkok

© Kristian Dowling

Kristian Dowling is a celebrity-entertainment photography, formerly based in Los Angeles until November 2011 – now residing in Melbourne, Australia. His photographic roots and passion has grown from news, sport and documentary. Kristian is currently conducting Photographic Workshops throughout Australia and Asia named “Seeing the Light.” He has been shooting with Leica M cameras for [...]

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f/Egor: A Fetishist’s Guide to the Monochrom (Part 1)

Fetish © grEGORy simpson

Sharpness is nothing more than a fetish. So, too, is tonality. Noise, contrast, micro-contrast and megapixels? All fetishes. Even black and white. Show me a photographer and I’ll show you a fetishist. Every new camera will titillate some photographers, while disgusting others. Fortunately, none of us are so dysfunctional that we possess every known photo [...]

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Quinton Gordon: The Authorship of a Photograph

© Quinton Gordon

Quinton Gordon is an award winning photographer, teacher and publisher. His work has been featured in numerous international publications, documentary projects and exhibitions in Canada, the United States and New Zealand. Quinton Gordon teaches The Truth About Photographs and other workshops for Leica Akademie North America. A complete list of upcoming workshops can be found [...]

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José Antonio Martínez: Taking Photographs From Festivals To Morgues

© José Antonio Martínez

José Antonio Martínez graduated cum laude as an industrial designer from the Universidad Iberoamericana but has had a long career in photography. Martinez’s work is part of the collections of the Photographic Center Northwest, Seattle; of the Library of the University of Texas, Austin, United States, as well as The Manuel Alvarez Bravo Photographic Center in [...]

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A Conversation with Danny Wilcox Frazier on Facing Change: Documenting America

© Danny Wilcox Frazier

“This goes way beyond just me and my work and rural America” Danny Wilcox Frazier This video showcases Danny Wilcox Frazier’s work documenting rural issues across the United States for the Facing Change: Documenting America (FCDA) project. FCDA is a non-profit collective of prominent photographers and writers who have come together to explore the United [...]

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Craig Semetko: America: E Pluribus Unum

© Craig Semetko

A classic street shooter in the great tradition, Craig Semetko uses Leica cameras  to capture images that transcend the moment. Semetko grew up near Detroit, Michigan and graduated from Northwestern University with a Bachelor of Science degree in Communication. His images have been exhibited in numerous galleries in the United States and Europe, and his [...]

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Morgan Miller: Homage To The Masters Of Fashion Photography Part 1

© Morgan Miller

A brilliant young New York based photographer, Morgan Miller grew up in a home steeped in photography and frequented by great photographers, but he became a professional photographer quite by accident thanks to his raw talent and an extraordinary stroke of good luck. Combining the organizational and analytical skills he acquired as a business major [...]

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Nick Rains: Medium Format Aerial Photography

© Nick Rains

Nick Rains is an Australian photographer based in Queensland who describes himself as a ‘features’ photographer. By this he means that he generally shoots photo sets or stories, whether it be assignments for Australian Geographic magazine or travel shoots for tourism clients. This style of photography demands versatility, not only of the photographer, but of [...]

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Leica Camera AG And René Staud At Schloss Bensberg Classics 2012

© René Staud

Leica Camera AG continued its successful collaboration with the Schloss Bensberg Classics in 2012. This year, the company from Solms in Hesse with a long-standing tradition of excellence in manufacturing photographic and sport optics products again has been partner of this premium event for classic automobiles that began with the help of Leica in 2009. [...]

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A Conversation With Carlos Javier Ortiz on Facing Change: Documenting America

© Carlos Javier Ortiz

“I really wanted to show their humanity, who they are. We’re all part of earth, we’re all part of this global society.” Carlos Javier Ortiz This video showcases Carlos Javier Ortiz’s work documenting migrant workers in Illinois and the violence that is prevalent on the streets of Chicago for the Facing Change: Documenting America (FCDA) [...]

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