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Ben Lieberman: Photographing A New York State Of Mind

© Ben Lieberman

Ben Lieberman is a New York City based photographer with a background in clinical psychology. He spends his time capturing the diverse people and vibrant culture of New York City. Alex Coghe, the interviewer, is Leica Blog contributor. Q: Hi Ben, when did you first become interested in photography as a mode of expression, an [...]

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Frederic Vanwalleghem: “We Shall Not Cease Exploring…” Photographing Vodun Experiences In Benin

© Frederic Vanwalleghem

Frederic Vanwalleghem is a Belgian photographer, born in 1978. Deeply interested in African diasporic traditions, and especially in Vodun, a subject that he has researched for years, he shares here part of a work that he still considers in progress. In the course of the interview, Vanwalleghem explains how he tried to avoid exotic representations [...]

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Claire Yaffa: Thoughts of Photographers for Philosophers and Dreamers Continued, Chapter 9

© Claire Yaffa

Claire Yaffa took her first photograph 45 years ago when her son was 18 months old and it was the beginning of her journey, first as a mother, then as a photographer. She has worked extensively for The New York Times and Associated Press. Her photographs have appeared in countless influential publications and have been exhibited at [...]

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Restless Collective: England, Wales And Ireland

UK © Alan Winslow

The journey continues for Restless Collective, a photography and multimedia collective formed by Alan Winslow and Morrigan McCarthy in 2010 as an umbrella for joint projects. Right now, their main project is titled The Geography of Youth. The goal of this project is to promote global connections and understanding within the next generation by documenting through [...]

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Éric Lajeunesse: My Camera and My Nepal

© Éric Lajeunesse

Éric Lajeunesse was born in 1964. He lives in St. Etienne de Bolton in the heart of the beautiful Eastern Townships Quebec, Canada and has been a professional photographer for over 20 years. Curious and imaginative, Lajeunesse photographs the world and its landforms, landscapes and urban classics as well as the people he meets. In [...]

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